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Multi award-winning film Vanishing Sail launches online Video (Features Alywn Enoe from Carriacou)

Vanishing Sail has been launched online. This critically acclaimed documentary follows the adventures of legendary Caribbean boat builder Alywn Enoe as he struggles to complete a traditional racing sloop in time for the Regatta. His is a dying art and his mission is to train his sons to keep these skills alive.


On the tiny island of Carriacou in the West Indies, the last wooden sailboat builder dreams of saving a great tradition passed down the generations from Scottish settlers that sailed there centuries ago.

“If this thing gone from here, everything gone, you know”.

The film follows Alywn Enoe’s journey of progress and despair over three years, from hauling trees with his sons, to a final traditional launching ceremony on the beach at Windward, Carriacou, Land of Reefs. Stories of the old Caribbean - trading by sail and smuggling contraband interweave a tribute to the independent spirit of a small island community.

Using simple tools and generations of accumulated knowledge, the Grenadines and particularly little known Carriacou has been the epicenter of wooden boatbuilding for centuries in this part of the world, a crucial craft that is in danger of vanishing, compromised on the altar of progress.

"In recent years it seems the romance of boatbuilding has acquired a more universal appeal. Perhaps people are finally waking up to the fact that our society desperately lacks manual skills and that building a boat is just about the most creative thing you can do with wood” Jonny Nance, Cornwall, U.K.

"A haunting, captivating story that will pull heart-strings and etch in the mind of every viewer. “ Jan Hein, Classic Boat

“An insightful and poignant documentary that is part social history and part Herzogian portrait of resilience and determination in a far-flung locale.” Indiewire

Vanishing Sail is one of those films that is a collectors' item and can be looked at over and over. One thing about Alexis' movie is the way it covers a subject that is almost invisible and brings it into a consciousness that kindles faith and a feeling for the freedom that is inherent to sailing. H.E. Ross, Author

“Stunning Doc” American Film Institute

"Beautiful..." Derek Walcott

Trailer & Film Details:


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