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Grenada Chocolate Festival

The annual Grenada Chocolate Festival, a nine day event experience from May 11th to 19th celebrating chocolate. The festival encompassed several activities, events and experiences in various locations throughout the island where patrons got the opportunity to participate in tailored activities teaching the different stages in cocoa and chocolate production, as well as showing different aspects of the islands heritage and culture and not forgetting tourism spots.

Grenada is home to the world famous Grenada Chocolate Company, founded by the god-fathers of modern tree-to-bar chocolate Mott Green and Edmund Brown.

Participants in the week long activity were engaged in several themed activities based on Grenada’s cocoa and chocolate industry. The events had various sub activities which were tailored to optimize the enjoyments and education of participants. The list of activities included:

Get In the Mood for Chocolate, Healthy Benefits of Cocoa, Tri-Island Chocolate Farm Rehabilitation in St Andrew, Belmont Estate Tree To Bar Experience, Cook It Up, Rum and Chocolate Pairing and Mini Salon, Crayfish Bay Organic Cocoa Farm Chocolate On a Shoestring, Mott Green & the Grenada Chocolate Factory & Sunset Cruise, Chocolate Brunch and Last Day Chocolate Extravaganza.

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