Grenada Carnival Events 2013

Spicemas Grenada Carnival Events

The schedule of events for Grenada Carnival 2013


Carnival Launch (June 1st-The Carenage) 

Opening of Carnival City (June 6th-Fun City) 

Junior Panorama Semis &  (June 30th-TBA)

Bomb Tune Competition 


Soca Monarch Quarterfinal (July 4th-St. John) 

Soca Monarch Quarterfinal (July 5th-St. Mark) 

Soca Monarch Quarterfinal (July 6th-St. Patrick) 

Soca Monarch Quarterfinal (July 7th-St. David) 

SMC/LIME Road Show (July 13th-Various) 

Calypso Tent judging (July 17 - 22-Various) 

Groovy Semifinal (July 26th-TBA) 

Soca Semifinal (July 26th-TBA) 

Traditional Mas Festival (July 27th-TBA) 

Calypso Semifinal (July 28th-TBA) 


Children Carnival Frolic (August 3rd-National Stadium) 

SMC/LIME Soca Monarch (August 9th-National Stadium) 

Panorama  (August 10th-National Stadium)  

Dimanche Gras (August 11th-National Stadium) 

J'Ouvert (August 12th-St. George's and Grenville)

Pageant Mas (August 12th-St. George's)

Monday Night Mas(August 12th-St. George's and Grenville) 

J'Ouvet Tuesday (August 13th-Sauteurs and St.David)

Parade of the Bands (August 13th-St. George's)



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