Grenadian Artists into Soca Monarch Semi Finals for Trinidad Carnival 2015

It looks like another successful year for Grenadian Artists aiming for the big stage in Trinidad. This year Grenada has four artists in the Soca Monarch Semi Finals. In the Groovy category is Tallpree and in the Power category are Mr. Killa, Skinny Banton and Andrew Hitz Phillip.


Grenada Carnival Events 2013

Spicemas Grenada Carnival Events

The schedule of events for Grenada Carnival 2013


Carnival Launch (June 1st-The Carenage) 

Opening of Carnival City (June 6th-Fun City) 

Junior Panorama Semis &  (June 30th-TBA)

Bomb Tune Competition 


Soca Monarch Quarterfinal (July 4th-St. John) 

Soca Monarch Quarterfinal (July 5th-St. Mark) 

Soca Monarch Quarterfinal (July 6th-St. Patrick) 

Soca Monarch Quarterfinal (July 7th-St. David) 

SMC/LIME Road Show (July 13th-Various) 

Calypso Tent judging (July 17 - 22-Various) 

Groovy Semifinal (July 26th-TBA) 

Soca Semifinal (July 26th-TBA) 

Traditional Mas Festival (July 27th-TBA) 

Calypso Semifinal (July 28th-TBA) 


Children Carnival Frolic (August 3rd-National Stadium) 

SMC/LIME Soca Monarch (August 9th-National Stadium) 

Panorama  (August 10th-National Stadium)  

Dimanche Gras (August 11th-National Stadium) 

J'Ouvert (August 12th-St. George's and Grenville)

Pageant Mas (August 12th-St. George's)

Monday Night Mas(August 12th-St. George's and Grenville) 

J'Ouvet Tuesday (August 13th-Sauteurs and St.David)

Parade of the Bands (August 13th-St. George's)



Upcoming Events

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